About Csilla and Peter Constandache

“My name is Csilla Constandache. I was born and raised in Romania and I have been residing in Florida since 2006. I began my tennis career at age six and I’ve been playing the beautiful sport ever since. I was ranked Third in Romania at the age of 14 playing the National Juniors U18. Unfortunately due to a knee injury, I was forced to retire from competing in the sport I love the most. My passion and dedication for the game allowed me to begin a new career as a tennis coach.

After proudly becoming a mother to my son and daughter, I realized I was able to pass my knowledge and love of tennis to the younger generation when I started teaching my own children. Therefore, together with my husband Peter, we took this new-found knowledge even further and we faithfully invested our time and dedication to coaching. We then became certified tennis instructors through the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).

In November 2014 we successfully opened Game Set Match Tennis Experience (GSM Tennis) – our own Developmental Tennis Program for kids, youth and adults in Margate, FL at the Firefighters Park. Now we can proudly announce that in just one year we have over 50 participants in our program. After only one year of hard work, passion, and total dedication, we achieved positive results and GSM Tennis players are attending USTA Tournaments.

Together with the City of Margate officials from the Parks and Recreation Department, and the support of the eventual sponsors, starting in January 2016, GSM Tennis Experience will be hosting tournaments for kids, youth, and adults. This will be another successful step towards our tennis program development in years to come. We started this adventure based on the fact that we would like to offer the opportunity to each and every child who desires to learn to play tennis no matter their financial background. We believe that many talented children are still out there, and because this sport is not quite affordable, a lot of them do not have the opportunity to try it.”

Incorporating Point of Contact Training

“Recently, we started introducing in our Developmental Tennis Program for kids, youth and adults the MOST revolutionary tool that helps our players to increase their performance by using the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Point of Contact Trainer.  From the age of five years to adult, all of our players simply fall in love with the Eye Coach, and their level of play has dramatically grown in only two to three months of practice since we are able to provide the tool on the courts.

Here are a couple of testimonials about the impact of how Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Point of Contact Trainer had in their tennis development:
 “I started taking tennis lessons with GSM Tennis Experience a few months ago. The coaching staff at GSM Tennis introduced the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach – Point of Contact Trainer. The Eye Coach is definitely a useful tool and has helped me with racket – ball – eye coordination. My game has improved tremendously.  I highly recommend the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach – Point of Contact Trainer, thank GSM Tennis coaching staff for helping me improve my development and understanding the mechanics of the game.”
– John Mayes – GSM Tennis Player
“The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Point of Contact Trainer has improved my ability to keep my eyes on the ball and the quality of my follow-through. But, more than that, the Eye Coach MOTIVATES me. I see the improvement in all areas of my game and inspires me to work even harder. Thank you Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach!” – Jan Hadden – GSM Tennis Player


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