Expert Endorsements

“I don’t use many training aids as I find playing real tennis the most valuable use of time for player development. However, the Eye Coach is different. It helps players find the right swing path, rhythm, and tempo faster, before transitioning to the court. Players can feel the way they’re supposed to swing, then implement that immediately. This, in my experience, speeds up the stroke and player development process immensely. I highly recommend the Eye Coach for any players or coaches who want to see faster results.”

ATP & WTA Doubles Strategy Analyst, Former Collegiate Tennis Player, Founder of Tennis Tribe – a website dedicated to tennis gear reviews & doubles, and Host of the Doubles Only Tennis Podcast

“I have used the BJK Eye Coach ball striking system for many of my kids clinics my Love & Love Tennis Foundation conducts. It’s an excellent coaching tool that helps kids learn their stroke and most importantly watch the ball!
I would definitely recommend the ball striking system to all coaches at many levels and P.E. teachers K-5th. This is a game changer for growing tennis.”

Grand Slam Winner, Original 9, Sportswomn, Inc., Founder of Love and Love Foundation, Hall of Fame

“The BJK Eye Coach is the most important tennis tool to developing perfect tennis strokes and perfect timing. Not only did it improve the players I coached but it improved my coaching and gave me a baseline and the foundation to becoming a world class master coach and tennis teacher.”

1993 French Open Doubles Champion, Coach of 6 Time World Team Tennis (WTT) Champion Washington Kastles, 3 Times WTT Coach of the Year

“When I learned about Eye Coach many years ago from Lenny and visited his academy first hand, I knew right then it is the missing and ‘first step’ to learning to play tennis… or any other hand/eye coordination sport. If we truly want to grow tennis, Eye Coach has to be the ‘first step.’ We can’t rush kids to the tennis courts hoping they become serious participants. If we do, the sport will never truly grow.”

The Sporting Life’s “Most Powerful Person in Tennis in the Past 25 Years”, President of Jim Baugh Consulting and Sports Industry Hall of Fame Inductee, Former President of the TIA and USTA Board Member, Sports & Fitness Industry Association Board Member, Leader of initiatives to grow sport, Developed breakthrough successful technologies at Wilson & Prince Tennis Welcome Centers, Cardio Tennis, Get Golf Ready, PHIT America

“The Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball Striking System is the perfect sweet spot training partner. It helps players, by controlling their eyes and keeping their head still, learn good ball striking skills. This leads to cleaner hits, less unforced errors and ultimately more enjoyment from the game. In lessons it allows the student to slow things down in a fun manner to practice and develop good technique with improved balance and more sweet spot hits. I believe the Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball Striking System is a game changer for future of the teaching industry: on court, in schools and at home.”

Owner of OTI Tennis Instruction (100,000+ students) Former Pro Tour Player

“I consider perhaps the most important skill to develop in all level players, from first time beginners to world class players is the ability to keep their head still at contact. This will promote clean ball striking in practice and competition. The Billie Jean Eye Coach and Sweet Spot Ball Striking System is the best tool for juniors and adults to “feel the difference,” improve their ball striking skills, balance and success on and off the court. My son is a college player who trains on his Eye Coach before going to practice and matches. The Billie Jean King Eye Coach is an important part of our training for our ROGY (Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball) juniors, our adults at my club and with limited time, I use it to keep my own skills sharp while running a large tennis facility in Northern California.”

Director of Racquets at Alpine Hills Tennis & Swimming Club, PTR Hall of Fame, USPTA Lifetime Achievement Award, PTR International Master Professional USPTA Master Professional, USA High Performance Coach

“The Eye Coach is a tested and proven learning and teaching tool for developing consistency in ball striking skills for any age and ability. A “must-have” practice device for schools, parks and all tennis facilities. In fact we think you should invest in a bunch of them!”

Former USTA Director of Player Development and Plan for Growth PhD in Sports Pscyhology and Motor Learning, USPTA National Coach of the Year, USTA Master Professional

“After seeing the Eye Coach in action, there is no doubt that by strengthening the eye at contact the Eye Coach will develop non-players into tennis players very quickly and help all levels improve faster! The best part is that you can use The Eye Coach “at home” in a small space without the need of a court and a cart of balls. Positive repetitions are the keys to faster learning.”

Former USTA Director of Nationwide Recreational and Coaches Programs, International Tennis Hall of Fame Merit Award, Racquet Sports Industry Tennis Person of the Year, USPTA Master Professional

“BJK Ball Striking System improves players of all ages technically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. BJK system prepares players to be successful at the most critical and difficult part of the stroke; the contact point where all the Magic happens. The sense of success and the importance of fun are main ingredients of BJK system making it an ideal teaching tool for everyone from beginners to high performance athletes.”

President of JTCC (One of the Top 5 Training Facilities in the Country)

“The Eye Coach is the best tool I have ever seen that teaches children and adults, beginners and tournament players, the “need to see” the ball. The thrill of hitting the ball, correctly, so many times in a row is THE reason to utilize the Eye Coach in all levels of tennis players. If the Eye Coach can re-train a 58 year old female player – imagine what it can do for a 10 year old player!”

Cincinnati Director of Tennis for Parks and Recreation Director National Junior Tennis League in Cincinnati, USTA Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. Board Member of Tennis For Charity, Inc. (Programs have included over 50,000 players, 1200 coaches, 78 public tennis facilities)

“I have been teaching for over 43 years, Billie Jean Eye Coach Ball Striking system is the number 1 teaching tool to watch the adults and kids improve faster than anything I have ever used. The students feel the immediate keeping your head still at contact point while using the Eye Coach. During the pandemic when the tennis clubs were closed, I taught many lessons on Zoom as I had my students buy the Eye Coach for at home use, and we worked on their technique, strokes, and sweet spot hitting. When they came back to the tennis courts, their hitting had improved dramatically. The best teaching tool I have ever used!”

Tennis Director at the Riviera Tennis Club, USPTA President’s Award, USPTA California Pro of the Year, Co-Founder of Glam Slam Tennis and Author of “Winning in Tennis & Life”

“Few people in the history of tennis are as passionate and dedicated as former pro tennis player and coach Lenny Schloss. After more than 30,000 hours of coaching tennis around the world, including hundreds of coach’s workshops, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Ball Striking System is the game changer for every coach and player at every level. It is the only system that connects the dots on many levels: more focused practice, can train anywhere and builds rhythm skills for almost every shot plus spins, all while subconsciously training the most important miss link, the eyes to stay on the ball at contact, to play better tennis!”

Founder and President of OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd USPTA and PTR Master Professional

“I have used the BJK Eye Coach for several years now. I have seen how it can help players of all levels improve their game. The Eye Coach will improve hand eye coordination, footwork and focus. It is a perfect complement to any lesson or group clinic and is a great practice partner at home.”

Director of Racquet Sports at USTA National Campus

“The Eye Coach is a tested and proven learning and teaching tool for developing consistency in ball striking skills for any age and ability. A “must-have” practice device for schools, parks and all tennis facilities. In fact we think you should invest in a bunch of them!”

Past President of United States Professional Tennis Association, Only Female President in the history of USTPA (Oversaw 15,000 coaches nationally), Manager and Director of Saint Petersburg Racquet Club

“Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and Ball Striking System has totally changed how we teach tennis at the Mobile Tennis Center. The Eye Coach allows you to watch top level matches with the perspective of spotting problems in balance, focus, and tracking. The perfect solution to fix balance issues is working with the Eye Coach.”

Director of the Largest Public Tennis Facility in the World, 2012 USPTA Alabama Pro of The Year, Director of Tennis at the Mobile Tennis Center, Coached 8 Sun Belt Conference Championship teams with 7 All Americans Runs 28 tournaments a year contributing $50 million to the Mobile economy

“The BJK Eye Coach is a game changer, especially when it comes to providing tennis in the schools. I have been using it with PE teachers as it makes them much more willing and able to help their kids learn the ball striking skills needed for tennis in a fast-paced and safe environment. They are so much more willing to teach a group of students if there are not balls and racquets flying around everywhere! Honestly, once the kids learn how to use the Eye Coach, they will stay and hit on it for hours! It is mesmerizing! Doing this as a team is what will make this happen.”

World Team Tennis (WTT) National Director Hall of Fame

“Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Ball Striking System has been such an important part of JTCC’s training because it teaches players to focus on one thing at a time. The challenging part of playing tennis is learning to make great contact with the ball and the racquet while sending the ball across the net! The Eye Coach highlights that important moment and eliminated all other distractions allowing players to truly learn how to strike the ball well. We all thank you.”

General Manager of JTCC Player Development USTA Board Member

“The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Sweet Spot Ball Striking System is a valuable addition to any teacher’s toolbox. It allows the player to improve eye-hand coordination and adjust the steps to hit the ball at a low-pressure rhythm. It’s a simple, yet well-integrated tool to refine a player’s sense of repetition, especially in group lessons. It’s a low-tech, affordable device that can be utilized by children and adults to enhance their tennis skills at home without the need of complicated sensors, screens or smartphone integrations. On the court, it’s also a great warm-up, from the eye muscles to the entire stroke.”

Leadership Performance Strategist Founder of Salum International Resources, Inc. and Author of “The Glass is Full and a Half”

“The Eye Coach is so effective it will make many things you teach easier or unnecessary. Students learn faster which makes lessons and students more fun. Lenny I consider you one of my mentors and admire what you have done through the years.”

General Manager/COO of Texarkansas CC and Northridge CC Former Arkansas Pro of the Year, Former USPTA Southern Pro of the Year

“Since implementing the Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball Striking System I have noticed several dramatic improvements in my lessons. The first, and most important is the QUALITY of the experience for the player is greatly enhanced. This system allows the athlete to naturally unlock his/her full athletic potential… and do it quickly. Within a few minutes, we can make positive technical changes and memorize those changes. And with just 5 minutes a day of at-home practice, the athlete can get a large number of quality repetitions in between lessons… which means a greater sense of CONFIDENCE for the player… and a greater sense of achievement for us both. More excited every day, thank you.”

Founder & Owner of OSA 360 Tennis (Online teaching company with 16,000 followers in 3 years)

“For ball contact sports such as tennis the #1 factor in proper execution is keeping one’s eyes behind the ball. Premature shifting of the eyes usually results in mishits and improper balance. There is no better product on the market for tennis than the Eye-Coach Ball Striking System which reinforces the feel of solid point of contact training. Every one of our students from the beginner to advanced junior begins their day on courts working on the Eye Coach. Just 10-15 minutes of usage sets the students up for cleaner hits, better balance and improved performance in subsequent live-ball drills. It is truly remarkable to see the immediate results! I recommend it for every teaching pro and every student regardless of skill. You deserve so much for all the hard work you have put in.”

Owner of Grip n Rip Tennis, LLC in Newport Beach California Former Pro Tour Player

“I am quite certain that I am not the only one who is going to say this, that your machine saved my life and a lot of students and people whom I have taught. I believe that this machine is mind blowing. A lot of coaches here think that they have to coach the traditional style by feeding lots of balls. In my humble opinion it’s completely not an effective way to coach players. Having The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Machine, given the correct method to teach, this machine is capable of explaining almost everything a player needs to know about their ball striking skills, head position, footwork, balance and point of point contact whilst implementing lots of movements depending on the space one has while using the machine. The difference is that the pros took time to understand, but by using the BJK’s EC Machine, our players will be able to understand those fundamentals much earlier than the pros did.”


Founder & Tennis Educator at MOTENNIS in Tokyo, Japan Ex – Davis Cup Player & PBI Tennis Professional, USPTA Certified Professional/Ambassador

“Learning faster is the key to more fun and retention. Billie Jean King Eye Coach and Ball Striking System is the best thing for tennis in the last 20 years. Just do it. Lenny I am here to help anyway I can.”

Owner of Cash Flow Tennis and Leading Tennis Industry Consultant

“Since leaving professional tennis I have found the BJK Eye Coach to be the most productive tennis tool for all levels of play. I highly recommend the BJK Eye Coach for anyone looking for EXTRAORDINARY results for better ball striking and skill building! Wherever I teach the very first budget item is investing into buying at least a dozen BJK Eye Coaches. GAME CHANGER!”

World Team Tennis Vice President of AWESOME and WTT Professional Player

“Success on the tennis court is dependent on discipline and total concentration on the most important factors in reality, the only time you influence the flight of the ball is when the racket is actually touching the ball. The Eye Coach forces a player to focus on the most basic element to improve your tennis.”

CEO of JTCC (One of the Top 5 Training Facilities in the Country)

“Repetition of positive thoughts coupled with action, is a key component for building mental toughness and healthy minds. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach builds positive repetitions, thoughts and actions with each stroke. Automatically, clears the mind of distractions one stroke at a time! An amazing “mental rehearsal workout” 5-8 minutes a day that really works!”

Mental and Energy Coach for Olympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics Foremost authority on Tennis Confidence, Mental Coach for Top 10 Men and Women Pro Tour Players Keynote International Speaker on Tennis, Coached at all Four Grand Slam Tennis Events

“You are only limited by your imagination and the results were evidenced by the enjoyment from the players. I also saw an increase in the number of contact time touches on the ball because the players were able to practice anytime, anywhere, as well as the improvement in keeping the head still, which is what the BJK Eye Coach Ball Striking System is famous for! I highly recommend that BJK Eye Coach Ball Striking System for all coaches and PE teachers looking to enhance the learning environment and make real change in helping unleash student potential.”


Speaker, Mentor, & Coach

“Our 6 indoor and outdoor tennis facilities in Connecticut have been successfully using the Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball Striking System for 5 years. Our tennis coaches believe the eye on the tennis ball at contact is fundamentally the most important component to develop as a tennis player. It is also a great way to engage our students with lots of drill variety with movement, developing spin and repetition. Another benefit of the Eye Coach Ball Striking System is the tennis pro does not have to feed any balls allowing them to stand next to their student and reinforce the eye on the tennis ball at contact. The Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball Striking System is revolutionizing the most important concept for tennis players at all levels. All my best always.”

President of Tennis Connecticut (6 Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Facilities, 50 Coaches)

“The BJK Eye Coach Ball Striking System is the “all in one tool” for quick and effective improvement. The ability to have hundreds of “touches on the ball” and elevate your heart rate in a very short period of time is a huge bang for your buck. It can be used as a workout and to supplement your overall tennis training. It is portable and requires very little space. It is a winner!”

Cardio Tennis Consultant – USTA

“Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and Sweet Spot Ball Striking System is a game changer especially for youth athletes who are trying to progress with limited resources. I also use this from a performance level in the clinic for all ages because what’s great is not only is it a ball striking program but it is a nervous system objective testing tool. I can show increase in balance, eye tracking, and overall performance utilizing the system.”

Sports Chiropractor/Performance Coach Co-Founder of Racquet Fit

“The things I have learned from the Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball striking system and Lenny Schloss have been invaluable to my coaching. Training young players how to use their eyes is critical if they are to ever reach a high level of play.”


Former Coach for Shelby Rogers (top 50 in the world), High Performance Coach at Creekside Tennis Club

“The Eye Coach is the best method/system for teaching and learning the importance of proper ball striking skills. It is one of the separating factors that has helped me consistently development top junior players in the country. I highly recommend incorporating the Eye Coach into your tennis training. I am forever grateful for our what you have meant to me and my family.”

Owner of Simon Academy and High Performance Coach, Club Corp

“Billie Jean King Eye’s Coach is by far the number one teaching tool for tennis. It helps students learn topspin, backspin, it helps players understand proper spacing and movement. Beyond the physical striking of the ball it helps players keep their head and eyes still at the point of contact which translates to better balance and a higher quality shot. I use it in almost every lesson and clinic. Lenny thank you so much for all you do.”

Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center in Knoxville, TN Certified with USPTA, PTR, and USAT High Performance

“After using Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach with my clients, I saw a change in their behavior bringing more confidence, clarity on how and when to hit the ball and as a result a sense of accomplishment. I truly believe that all players of all levels and all ages can benefit from the Eye Coach on and off the court. The Eye Coach makes practice smarter, not harder!”

Owner & Founder of Letennis Junior Academy, Tour Player, and French Federation Player

“We use our Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball Striking System literally all the time for our players of various levels at the club, in camps and with schools. This tool is one of the most important pieces of equipment we utilize to help our players with their ball striking skills.”

USPTA Master Professional Men’s & Women’s Head Tennis Coach at University of Tennessee Southern

“The Billie Jean Eye Coach Ball Striking System has been a key training instrument in the development of Stasia Kryk (my daughter), a Canadian high-performance junior athlete. The BJK Eye Coach is always with us while on the road at tournaments and events across Canada and the United States. Stasia has been using the Eye Coach for 5/10 minutes a day since the age of 7. Daily Point of Contact training on the Eye Coach, has perfected Stasia’s eye to remain on the ball while brushing up to achieve maximum power. Her confidence and endurance on the court is a result of daily training on the BJK Eye Coach. The BJK Eye Coach is “Must Have” for all tennis players, regardless of the age.”

Director of Zekelman Tennis Centre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“It has been a pleasure and rewarding experience for myself and our coaches but most important, a significant and impactful method to train our students in the most fundamental concept of the game, “Keeping an eye on the Ball and successful and consistent solid point of contact.” The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Ball Striking System provides a simplistic and friendly approach to fundamental tools to enhance and accelerate the ability of our players and students seeking to become more effective and successful players. Thank you Lenny for your vision and support of the tennis coaching industry over the years.”

Director of Tennis at MG Tennis (15 Coaches)

“Over 20 years ago Lenny introduced me to a training device. Happy to do this. What more could you ask for? If you are a tennis player, and you’re serious about improving your game, you need to practice regularly using this ball striking system. In a 40+ year career in coaching, from the NCAA Championships, to Center Court Wimbledon, and at great facilities across the Southeastern United States, this is the best training aid I’ve ever encountered. If you haven’t tried it already, do yourself a favor, try the BJK Eye Coach Ball Striking System – you’ll get results! Lenny, I am so glad our paths crossed. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Go Vol. Thank you.”

Tennessee Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Head Tennis Pro for the City of Murfreesboro, TN Adams Tennis Complex Former Head Men’s Tennis Coach at Mississippi State, Alabama, & Tennessee

“The Eye Coach is a valuable and versatile teaching tool when placed in the right hands. It allows students to focus their attention on the moment of truth, contact with the ball. It allows practice to happen anywhere and anytime. Finally, it takes away the outcome of where the ball goes allowing attention to be placed on form, thus speeding up the learning process. Thank you Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach team.”

Head Tennis Coach at Fox Chapel School District in Pittsburgh, PA

“I have been using the BJK Eye Coach Ball Striking System for several years now and it has become my number one go to training tool to introduce tennis to kids as part of school base tennis for K-8 grades. There is no substitute for the BJK Eye Coach Ball Striking System when it comes to Point of Contact training and how it relates to mastering the fundamentals in the sport of tennis for a variety of strokes in a fun yet engaging way for the teacher and the kids.”

Manager of Tennis Memphis Schools Programs

“The Eye Coach training system has been a great asset to our coaches. Not only do players hit a lot of balls in a short time, the coach can be more hands on and therefore more effective. We don’t have to worry about weather issues with our outdoor programs – with the Eye Coach we can effectively teach large numbers on one court or any indoor space – the players are engaged, they strike a lot of balls, and the coaches continue to run a productive program, rain or shine.”

Tennis Manager at Wheaton Sport Center Regional Education Center Director, PTR

“It has enhanced and helped students recognize their innate hitting ability. Teaching them not to watch the ball but to use their eyes much more effectively. Allowing both kids and adults to hit cleaner and more athletically. Helping kids make their varsity tennis teams as well as helping adults who never were able to hit with topspin understand how and what to do. With the Eye Coach the kids are much more confident knowing what to do and the adults are a lot more calm going into their league tennis matches. Thank you Lenny for being my friend and sharing the journey you have taken. I respect you and have learned so much and use it everyday.”

Director of Tennis – USTA National Facility of the Year Head Coach 30 Years, High Performance Coach

“Our ladies league players love using the Eye Coach on the court or at home to practice what we’re working on. They see their consistency improve and their confidence in matches goes up. The Eye Coach works!  When it comes to improving our players’ consistency, the Eye Coach is our #1 go-to tool. We’ve tried other options and nothing comes close to the Eye Coach in terms of portability, ease of use and results.
The Eye Coach is a great training tool. The results are immediate, it’s portable and the customer service rocks!”

Founder of Glam Slam Tennis and Author of “Get Your Game Face On!” Senior Trainer, Positive Coaching Alliance

“In all my 40 years of coaching nothing has helped as much as the Eye Coach Ball Striking System to stop head shifting at the point of contact to hit the sweet spot more often. The Eye Coach Ball Striking System has been invaluable over these difficult times as students can practice their skills at home in a small space and see the improvement when they go to the courts. A real game changer for me.”

Qualified Club Professional and Owner of Tennis Perfections in Australia

“The Billie Jean King Eye Coach Ball Striking System is part of my DNA as a tennis coach. It goes with me wherever I go. I never walk on a tennis court without it.”

Partner at Sports Club Advisors

Blue Chip Tennis Academy has adopted the Eye Coach at all locations and has seen firstly tremendous improvement in a complete range of players. It is amazing to see the versatility of the device from on court drills, to up in the lobby whilst waiting for a court or at home. I look forward to continued praise for the product and cannot speak highly enough about Lenny and his team of passionate tennis teachers and educators.

USPTA Elite Professional, PTR 5A Professional (Youngest in Country)

The eye coach is a very helpful tool for every coach. I have used it in my instructional videos series. I recommend it not only for coaches but also for players to use it at home to groove their strokes.

Developer of Modern Tennis Methodology

I have been coaching for over 25 years and have found the Eye Coach is a fun revolutionary way for players to work on timing and balance – two of the biggest keys to player development.

Named “Top 25 heroes in the game of tennis” by Tennis Industry Association

The Eye Coach is the focal point of all our development classes…Junior Academy, Summer Camp, Cardio Tennis, and Private Lessons. The program creates an environment to accelerate all levels of players to technically sound repetition without over coaching. The Eye Coach reinforces the Conscious Competency model of learning with the highest rate of success creating easier training for all coaches with less vocabulary and distractions to the eye. I am a believer and the benefits for your clients will create an atmosphere of competition, not directed at each other, but as a team working together on the PROCESS! It will create a culture of who’s using their eye coach and getting an edge on the competition! Directors…It will change your program and your ability to be in more places at once! 10 mins a day to create a player? Yea, Sign me up please! I have not ever had an eye coach returned in 4 years and participation has increased 300% in Cardio!

Board of Dallas Professional Tennis Association

The original “home” of the Eye! Establishing balance at contact and training the eye are the core components that have helped us improve more than 5,000 tennis players of all ages and skills at our Academy.” We now train over 500 students a week on only 6 courts! The Eye Coach gives our staff the winning edge.

USTA National Tennis Facility of the Year

Ready position.  Grip.  Backswing.  Point of Contact.  Follow-through.  These are the stroke components that have been drilled into us when taking lessons.  And they are important components of shot making, but, what are the true essentials that lead to a successful tennis stroke?  It is my belief that seeing/watching the ball, moving to the ball, keeping balance when hitting the ball and control of the racquet head are the real fundamentals. The Eye coach is the ideal training and practice aid to help practice these essentials as practice makes permanent!

USPTA 2011 National Member of the Year

Our Mental Game Coaching with young tennis players often begins with Focusing and Concentration techniques. Reinforcing and strengthening the eye at contact can both be done anywhere using the Eye Coach! Focus at contact becomes a habit. Player concentration and tennis skill improves together… the Eye Coach really works!


USTA Hall of Fame for Sports Science Education

I started to use the Eye Coach in all my lessons with kids and adults of all ages. It is a great tool for teaching how to keep your head still and also helps me tremendously to correct technical issues such as feet positioning and follow through. Besides that, the eye coach provides a great cardio workout. I strongly recommend that each tennis family should have at least one Eye Coach for complementary practice outside the tennis court.

PTR Master of Tennis Performance