Instructional Videos


Learn More About The Eye Coach

Watch the video to be introduced to the Eye Coach.The science is solid. You’ll find the results stunning.

  • Train your brain to focus correctly at the point of contact
  • Remove visual distractions while training
  • Practice tennis anywhere - portable and only needs 10 ft. of space
  • Practice tennis anytime - all you need is 5 minutes a day
  • Skills transfer nearly perfect to on-court play
  • Improve balance, power, and accuracy by over 40%
  • Play together - great at-home fun for kids and the family
  • Rapidly increase your Sweet Spot hits by over 40%
  • 5 minutes = 1 hour on court
  • Practice over 30 ball-striking skills
  • 100% transfer to the court

The System Is Guaranteed To Provide Amazingly Rapid Improvement

These drills will help you improve 10 times faster in only 10 minutes a day practicing at home!