Pickleball Eye Coach

“Watch the ball!” “Keep your eye on the ball!” 

These are the most common phrases for any ball-striking sport.  It will only stop when you start practicing with the Pickleball Eye Coach.

Sure, this instruction makes sense but unfortunately, recreational pickleball and tennis players hit off center the majority of the time! And, we all know that hitting in the center of percussion or “sweet spot” produces the most accurate and powerful shots!


  • Perfect Pickleball Practice at home will improve your performance 300% faster on-court no matter what your level is.
  • Just 5-minutes a day = 1 hour on court which will give you noticeable increased performance…and victories!
  • Your improvement at home will transfer 100% to on court play.
  • Using a series of still and moving balls on the Eye Coach allows you to work on both technique and timing.
  • When you’ve trained your head to be still, your accuracy dramatically improves.

Unlock 300% Skill Improvement in Just 5 Minutes a Day!

Tennis legend Billie Jean King has inspired millions. For decades, she has endorsed the Billie Jean King Eye Coach for tennis. This solo pickleball training device teaches exactly how to keep your head still, how your eyes should focus, and teaches ball striking rhythm, all at the same time. In fact, clinical studies show a 300% improvement in skill development using the device as recommended … in just 5 minutes a day!

In fact, our research shows that 5 focused minutes at home can benefit your game more than an hour of play on the pickleball court or the tennis court. And, you can work on a variety of shots and spins, as well as footwork and positioning without the pressure of competition. What’s wonderful is that these home repetitions transfer to real play naturally.

This solo pickleball trainer is nearly identical to the tennis version but has a lighter hitting arm, uses a spinning pickleball (to help players learn how to feel and hit spin more effectively), and a lower hitting height, making it suitable for the sport of pickleball.