Revolutionizing Tennis Training

How Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Improves your Tennis Game

Are you tired of hearing the same old tennis advice without seeing any improvement in your game?

“Keep your eyes on the ball” is a classic instruction that every player has heard, but it’s not always effective.  That’s why we developed Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, a revolutionary tennis training tool that can help you learn and enjoy tennis like never before.

Our research shows that the last three feet before the racquet and the ball make contact is a critical moment when your mind has to focus on the ball while anticipating its trajectory. This split attention leads to mishits and frustration. That’s where our ball-striking training comes in. By keeping your head still and focusing on the ball at the point of contact, we train your brain for perfect contact. This correction can improve every aspect of your game and cut the learning curve in half. And we can prove it.

Revolutionize Your Tennis Skills with Billie Jean King's Eye Coach

Improving your contact and balance is key to mastering 80% of tennis skills. Without these fundamentals, you’ll struggle to perform at your best and enjoy the game. That’s why we’ve invested in extensive scientific research to improve our product. We’ve worked with coaches, players of all levels, sports training experts, statisticians, and motor learning experts to refine the Eye Coach. Over 500,000 hours of on-court and at-home testing by thousands of participants have shown universal success in improving tennis skills.

Using the Eye Coach for short periods of time can help you develop instinctive and self-correcting play, boost your confidence, and have more fun on the court. The Eye Coach is suitable for players of all ages and abilities, from beginners to pros.

In summary, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is a game-changer for anyone who wants to improve their tennis skills and enjoy the game more. By training your brain for perfect contact, we can help you cut the learning curve in half and transform your game.