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Choosing Your Eye Coach

What’s the minimum age for using the Eye Coach?
Three year old’s have the eye hand coordination system for catching, hitting and throwing. These skills are ready to be developed with the Eye Coach Junior Model.

What’s the minimum height for using the Eye Coach?
Players up to 4’ 2 tall should use the Eye Coach Junior Model. Players taller than 4’2, when the ball height is below shoulder height, should use the Eye Coach Professional Model.

Setting Up Your Eye Coach

How much space do I need to set up my Eye Coach?
All you need is 10 sq. ft. to have a total workout and improve your tennis game.

Is my Eye Coach portable?
Yes – your Eye Coach can fit in a racket bag and weighs only 13lbs. It takes 3 minutes to set up or take down. We also offer the Eye Coach Carrying Bag that makes it even easier to transport.

Practicing With Your Eye Coach

How long should I practice in a session?
No more than 10 minutes. That is equal to 90 minutes hitting on a court.

Can I use the Eye Coach for warming up?
The Eye Coach is a great way to warm up quickly. You need just 3 minutes rather than 30 minutes of traditional warm up time.

How important are the 1 minute instructions to read before the video?
They are the key to using your Eye Coach properly and achieving your fastest improvement.

Can I use under spin with the Eye Coach?
Absolutely, you can develop perfect under spin technique with your Eye Coach. In fact, you can practice 17 different shots with the Eye Coach. Click here to view the 17 different shot instructional videos.

Can I hit full speed with ground strokes, volleys and approach shots?
Yes – you can, and should, practice at exactly the intensity you are going to play – the Eye Coach will absorb the top spin you apply. However, you should begin at half speed until you can get 10 solid hits in a row before you increase the speed.

When should I look up or over to insure balance at contact?
Just after contact or when the racket passes your eye.

If it’s stationary, can the Eye Coach help me with my footwork and getting to balls across the court?
Yes – tracking from across the net is instinctive. We do it naturally. The problem is we focus too soon. The Eye Coach re-trains your brain to not stop tracking until the last 3 feet. In this way your eye is focusing only at the contact point just like the pros. That is the breakthrough and why we need an Eye Coach at home.

Using The Eye Coach With Groups And Multiple Players

How many students can train with a coach on the machine?
You can use a single Eye Coach to train up to 8 students. 8 students will hit as many balls in 5 minutes
as 3 and 6 will hit as many as 2, compared to feeding the ball by hand or racket.

Can different level players practice at the same time and get the same benefit?
Absolutely yes. Beginner and advanced players can practice at the same time. Both get a great workout and improve with equal speed. In fact it’s even better when 2 practice at the same time!

Eye Coach Warranties and Replacement Parts

What’s the warranty on the Eye Coach?
The Eye Coach offers a 5 week guarantee Improvement. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your product you may return the item within 5 weeks. A refund of the merchandise will be given as well as shipping and handling for the delivery. Refunds will be issued in the same method of payment as the original payment.

How long does the training ball last and how much are replacements?
The normal life is around 8,000 hits. Eye Coach will replace any faulty ball mechanism within 8 weeks. Replacement balls are $15.00 + S&H on our website

How long does the arm last and how much are replacements?
The normal life is around 50,000 hits. Eye Coach will replace any faulty arm within 6 months. Replacement arms are $49.00 + S&H on our website.

Click here to order replacement parts.

Shipping & Return Policy

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