Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Junior

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“Even the smallest children can develop near perfect basic skills with the Junior Eye Coach.”

      Lenny S.

Fully Guaranteed

Practice without limits

A Few Benefits You Get with the Portable Junior Eye Coach

  • Perfect for players who stand under 4’2
  • Practice anywhere - portable and only needs 10 ft. of space
  • Practice tennis anytime - all you need is 5 minutes a day
  • Retrain your brain to focus correctly at the point of contact
  • Rapidly increase your Sweet Spot hits by over 40%
  • Gain accurate timing and skill to hit topspin and underspin
  • Remove visual distractions while training
  • All skills practiced transfer to on-court play
  • Greatly improve balance, power, and accuracy
  • Play together - great at-home fun for kids and the family
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Billie Jean King Eye Coach is a totally complete at-home training product. It has achieved acclaim from Industry experts and users across the world.

    No Court Needed. No ball pickup. Practice Anywhere and Anytime.

    The Eye Coach is the easiest way to perfect your skills while practicing up to 30 different shots and spins. All you need is 10 feet of space and as little as 5 minutes to practice.


  • kb-maleka-min

    “Unique, easy to use, great for ball-striking for almost all shots and spins.”

    -KB Maleka

  • lea-k

    "For me there is joy in improvement and winning. The Eye Coach has been key to that.”

    -Lea K