Billie Jean King's Eye Coach

The Ultimate Tennis Simulator

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The Ultimate Tennis Simulator

Like pilots training on a flight simulator…

Simulates Live Ball Play

Words from Billie Jean King

 ” My goal is to make tennis easier for everyone to learn and improve”

I love tennis – just as you do, and I love helping others get the same satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment it gives me.

Everyone wants to improve their game. However, improvement is ONLY possible through quality practice. Otherwise you are just practicing mishits.

The Eye Coach trains your eye (brain) and body to work as a team. Short practice sessions ensure that you will keep your head still and your eye on the ball…on all your shots.

The result is consistent Sweet Spot hits and rapid improvement of your whole game. That’s why we can guarantee it.

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

Like having your own court and 24/7 practice partner at home

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

80% of the time on-court we practice bad habits.
The Eye Coach Ball Striking Practice Changes All That.

Topspin Plus By Eye Coach

No one underestimates the importance of topspin.  By teaching it our whole lives, we discovered a missing ingredient that most training and aids totally neglect.  Eye Coach makes certain that you don’t fall into this gap in training.

Effective topspin training must be combined with your timing at the point of contact.  This is the only time that you can control topspin (or any shot).  Eye Coach training perfects your topspin shots by assuring that you to hit the Sweet Spot more often, which unfailingly reduces mishits.  This is the PLUS that our training gives you.

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