About Vanessa Pardo

“My name is Vanessa Pardo, I was born and raised in France. I was initially a competitive swimmer before being introduced to tennis at the age of 10. I immediately fell in love with the sport!  Within that year, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Daniel Contet who was himself a former #30 singles and #10 Doubles ATP tour player and competed in the David Cup a number of times for France.  Daniel Contet took me under his wing and within two years, I was selected to be with the French Federation (FFT).  I left home at the tender age of twelve and went under rigorous training with the best juniors in my country for the next six years.  I played numerous tournaments on the junior and WTA/ ITF tour with wins in the top #100 and won several team national championships resulting in being in the #5 Juniors in my country.  When I departed from training with the FFT, I went back training with my first coach Daniel Contet and was later on approached to play on a full scholarship for Division #1 in the USA.  I selected Virginia Tech where I played #1 singles and #2 doubles.  We won the Atlantic 10 Championship for four consecutive years. I was the first female player in Atlantic 10 history to earn Most Outstanding Performer and Most Outstanding Rookie Performer honors in the same season (1996).  On my Junior year I had a bad shoulder injury which dragged into my senior year. At that point my aspiration to go back on the pro tour took a dead end and I decided to put my bachelor degree to good use. I’ve had the privilege of training with a lot of great coaches as well as being mentored by few world class professional players.  Looking back, I realized that tennis is more than a sport; it is a way of thinking.  It builds a mindset and characteristics that are useful on and off the court.  I always wanted to give back to the sport in a meaningful way but I was not sure what would be the avenue to take until becoming a mom of two young daughters which put a lot of things into perspective.  Each child is unique, learns differently and has his /her own potential.

In Spring 2013, I launched Le Tennis Academy where we focus on youth development and high performance training.  I am based in Connecticut and we have unreliable weather for about 5 months out of the year. In the winter 2013-2014, I was working with one of my juniors who aspired to make her Varsity team in the spring season.  I was not at the time associated with any indoor clubs and without practicing, I knew we were getting further away from her goal. I was not ready to give up easily and that is when I came across the Billie Jean King Eye Coach.  I still remember my first conversation with Lenny. I trained that Junior in a Gymnasium and recreated a backboard with a net and incorporated the Eye Coach to her training.  Talk about unconventional! That upcoming season, she made the team!”

Incorporating Point of Contact Training

“I have since incorporated the Billie Jean King Eye Coach to my programs and use it in a different manner based on my demography.  The Eye Coach can be used in any number of ways; from developing motor skills, working on technique, reinforcing shot selections, strengthening eye at point of contact and correcting balance to tennis conditioning and mental focus.

I have implemented the Eye Coach in all the school systems I participate in.  In 2014 one of the schools I have a program in was selected to present to the Governor of Connecticut.  As part of that I was able to discuss my program with Governor Malloy.  In 2014, we also launched the youth development program with the town of Shelton and the Billie Jean King Eye Coach was also heavily used to maintain a quality program with a higher volume of players.

In 2015, I took the role of Head Coach for Trumbull High and use the Eye Coach with my Varsity players for warm up and tennis conditioning.

I came from the pro tennis down to Varsity College and now including High School and 12 and under.  I understand the intricacies of what makes a player successful and one of the important factor is repetition to build confidence.  The Billie Jean King Eye Coach can be an option to facilitate this factor and helping moving from mechanical to instinctive tennis.

The Eye Coach is for beginner or advanced players, children and adults.  I currently use it to train towards getting back on the senior tour and I am not only using it with my youth development program but also with my adult clinics.

Many of my players have incorporated the Eye Coach at home between our on-court training and as a result, they have shown a steadier progress towards their goals.”

– Vanessa Pardo

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