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Tamas Bogyo

“My name is Tamás Bogyó, and I am 39 years old.   I met tennis at the age of six thanks to my father who took me to the tennis court and signed me up for a course. At the beginning this kind of sport was one among the others, not really specific. I played tennis as well as football until I was eight. Finally I voted in favor of tennis.

Two years later I practically started to be a member of every tennis team of my age, moreover I grew up and played in the “Ujpest Dózsa” crew, which was thought to be legendary at that time. Gulyás István, subsequent champion at Roland Garros, has to be mentioned at this stage, who was also playing tennis there. As a player I took part in several international tournaments, but unfortunately at the age of twenty injuries started to pull my career back and I had to give up playing. I started to master this beautiful profession as a trainer. I was working in the USA, New York and Canada. My target was to share the experience that I gained abroad in Hungary, so I launched my own school at Nexon tennis club, which had already been operated at that time by my family in Dunakeszi.

In 2001 I became Zsófia Gubacsi’s personal trainer, who was then former world’s first junior player and already belonged to the first 200s of the world’s tops. Finally, we managed to reach up to the 69th rank on WTA. During the third round, at Roland Garros, we played against Serena Williams.

Two years later, Zsófi was followed by another woman player, Rita Kuti Kis, who had been among the first 50s for many years considering WTA. We won against Jennifer Capriati and other top 10 players. As a personal trainer, what I am the most proud of, though, is the fact that between 2003-2005 I had been managing Attila Sávolt’s career. Attila is one of the best Hungarian tennis players of the past decades, being the 67th at ATP. From the year of 2005 I had been training Pálma Király who, due to our collaboration, reached the outstanding 298th world’s rank at ATP.

Between 2011 and 2014 I became one of the personal trainers of the Hungarian Tennis Association working with the highlighted ITF team, that had among its members players like Fanny Stollar, ITF top 10, the 18 year-old Anna Bodnár, the winner of the European Championship and the world’s top junior, Dalma Galfi, also a US Open champion.

Moreover, my own tennis school is one of the largest in Hungary considering its members, that is 180 players and 10 coaches. During my programme I and my club have firstly achieved to include tennis as part of the national curriculum in primary schools at first grade. According to this programme we are working with 510 children and teaching them this wonderful sport. I would like to help children learn and experience the effect that a sport can have on their lifestyle. In our school we emphasize learning, this is why I have launched a kind of programme that helps players gain scholarship to American universities. My creed is that it is not the person, it is the perseverance and the humility that matters!”

Incorporating Point of Contact Training

“I met Eye Coach on the internet about half a year ago and it impressed me at once.  I usually use several supplementary equipment, but this one is the most effective of all. I immediately felt that it would be of great help when teaching. I find it very important for all my students to hit the ball with the perfect method and technique, therefore they all use this tool at the beginning or at the end of the training.  It is hard to say how much I owe it but I think it is enough to mention that it totally changed my methodology and belief about teaching.

Thanks to the Eye Coach I have come upon incredible relationships and have gained a great deal of professional extra knowledge that I have never experienced before. I have met two fantastic people, Lenny Schloss and Peter Schmitt, firstly on the internet and later I had the chance to meet them personally on the occasion of the USPTA conference held this year in New Orleans. I owe them a lot.

My target is to get more and more people with an affinity for tennis to know the Eye Coach and to promote it with the help of my videos that are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

I consider it a revolutionary innovation and I am absolutely sure that it will be of great help for the one who starts using it.”


– Tamás Bogyó
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