A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to work with Lenny Schloss (Founder of The Eye Coach) and we discussed the Eye Coach’s 5 in 5 program. Revolutionary stuff !! The Eye Coach is truly amazing. Here are my top 4 take aways from using it:

1. Oh I wish I had an Eye Coach Growing up! 
I spent countless hours in my living room, swinging repeatedly in the air to practice my new stroke or grip. This machine allows me practice not only my technique, but my contact point and timing in the comfort of my home. Growing up, I would just swing in the air and imagine what it would feel like hitting a real ball. Now I can hit a ball and no longer have to imagine. This added feeling helps me improve my stroke and feel for the ball a lot faster.
2. Balance can now be effectively taught on and off court thanks to the Eye Coach! 
We all know how important good balance is for a player’s development, and we all know that’s not an easy thing to teach. This tool can now effectively teach balance on and off court. Often, we hear coaches tell their students ” you were off balance, you are too close to the ball, too far from the ball, you need to time the ball better, etc”  As a tennis coach, I too have said that a lot, and I have tried some drills to help my students improve that aspect of their game. What I found using the Eye coach is that by just having the child focus on how they see the ball and where their eyes go after they hit the ball, they were able to instantly reduce a lot of other related balance problems. Their timing also instantly improved.
3. The Eye Coach is the Ultimate One-Ball Machine! 
If I’m working on the stroke, I need to hit it over and over to get a a good feel for it. I used to spend hours on the ball machine doing that, but I also had to spend some time setting the machine up and picking up the balls. With this tool, I can hit thousands of balls and not have to pick up a single one of them. Of course the Eye Coach cannot completely replace a ball machine, but it provides the convenience of actually practicing a shot with no need to be on the tennis court.
4. If you believe that repetition is the mother of perfection, you have to try this! 
Try to get a kid to swing 100 forehands in the air. After 5 swings, they will get bored. With the Eye coach, repetition becomes more fun because you hit an actual ball and can feel how your stroke was. If it didn’t feel right, you are excited to hit ball again to try to gain that correct feel.
You can move around the ball, practice different spins and do a bunch of fun stuff. Because you are hitting an actual ball, repeating the same shot over again goes from boring to fun. Each shot gets you closer to perfection
In conclusion, I just love this tool. It’s a great teaching aid. Try it out for yourself.

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