“The Charleston Tennis Initiative is a new program this year working with after-school programs to increase student participation, skill levels and involvement with the local tennis community. USTA QuickStart Tennis is being taught in CCSD elementary schools during after-school programs such as Kaleidoscope.

What can be done for our school tennis teachers/coaches wanting to move and sustain their students a higher level? Two years ago approximately 20 CCSD schools received Eye Coach training and support. When used with fidelity this was a great program and many CCSD students saw big improvements in their enjoyment and ability levels and many teachers involved with the program are now our top coaches.

I contacted Lenny Schloss at the start of the school year about the Eye Coach program and asked him how we can continue to use it since we have Eye Coaches in the schools and teachers who are trained. Lenny would like to give a one hour training/meeting to everyone interested, highlighting new developments and materials, and talk about how those who show an interest can best continue to use the Eye Coach.

The program is seeing increased success in the country is now called Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach  www.theeyecoach.com.  King believes that the Eye Coach is “the fastest way to get American tennis moving forward.”

– John Farrelly, Charleston Country School District