Billie Jean King’s Tennis Simulator

Improve 10x Faster in 10 Minutes a Day

● Skyrocket Power, Topspin, Accuracy, and Consistency - all at once
● Dramatically Improve your Ability to Hit the Sweet Spot
● Guaranteed to Transfer in Matches, Lessons, and Practice Sessions

We created a shortcut to perfect strokes

The Tennis Simulator increases power, topspin, accuracy, and consistency - all at once.


● Guaranteed to Improve any Stroke 10x Faster 
● Master Your Ability to Hit the Sweet Spot
● Comes with 8 Revolutionary Drills + a One on One Training Session ($900 Value)

$199 + Free domestic shipping on orders over $150

The Sweet Spot Simulator Difference

Improving used to mean spending endless hours on court.

5 Minutes

Time it takes to make 120 perfect sweet spot hits with the Tennis Simulator

3 Hours

Time it takes to make 120 perfect sweet spot hits without the Tennis Simulator

3.5 Hours

Time it takes to make 5,000 habit forming perfect swings with the Tennis Simulator

125 Hours

Time it takes to make 5,000 habit forming perfect swings without the Tennis Simulator

10x faster improvement in Power, Spin, Consistency and Accuracy during your matches, lessons, and practice sessions

Backed By Pros

Hear what some trusted industry leaders have to say

“I have used the BJK Eye Coach ball striking system for many of my kids clinics my Love & Love Tennis Foundation conducts. It’s an excellent coaching tool that helps kids learn their stroke and most importantly watch the ball!
I would definitely recommend the ball striking system to all coaches at many levels and P.E. teachers K-5th. This is a game changer for growing tennis.”

Grand Slam Winner, Original 9, Sportswomn, Inc., Founder of Love and Love Foundation, Hall of Fame

“The BJK Eye Coach is the most important tennis tool to developing perfect tennis strokes and perfect timing. Not only did it improve the players I coached but it improved my coaching and gave me a baseline and the foundation to becoming a world class master coach and tennis teacher.”

1993 French Open Doubles Champion, Coach of 6 Time World Team Tennis (WTT) Champion Washington Kastles, 3 Times WTT Coach of the Year

“I don’t use many training aids as I find playing real tennis the most valuable use of time for player development. However, the Eye Coach is different. It helps players find the right swing path, rhythm, and tempo faster, before transitioning to the court. Players can feel the way they’re supposed to swing, then implement that immediately. This, in my experience, speeds up the stroke and player development process immensely. I highly recommend the Eye Coach for any players or coaches who want to see faster results.”

ATP & WTA Doubles Strategy Analyst, Former Collegiate Tennis Player, Founder of Tennis Tribe – a website dedicated to tennis gear reviews & doubles, and Host of the Doubles Only Tennis Podcast

Perfect For Pickleball

The Billie Jean King Sweet Spot Simulator teaches the one skill that separates players - where the ball lands on the strings.

Though initially crafted for refining tennis skills, the Sweet Spot Simulator seamlessly translates into a perfect companion for pickleball.

Enhance your power, topspin, accuracy, and consistency simultaneously with the Sweet Spot Simulator and revolutionary drills.

Sweet Spot Tennis Simulator In Numbers

We analysed the swing of 1000 tennis players worldwide.
We used the data to develop the Sweet Spot Tennis Simulator

Increase in sweet spot hits after using pro swing simulator for only 20 minutes

Amount of times that the average player will hit the sweet spot

Amount of times that a pro tennis player will hit the sweet spot

Increase in reps that hit the sweet spot compared to court training

Why We Can Make Our Guarantee

Train Like A Pro, At Home

Achieve Power, Topspin, Accuracy and Consistency like the pros

  • Perfect sweet spot hits
  • Unparalled Reps
  • Use it at home

Rapid Progression

Revolutionary sweet spot drills drastically reduce mishits on court

  • 8 game-changing drills
  • Train all areas of your game
  • Develop muscle memory

Backed By Science

We studied the swing efficiency of 1000 players in 7 countries

  • Train 3 eye functions
  • Scan, track and focus
  • Complete kinetic chain

A Year Of Progress In 3.5 Hours

Step onto the court 10x better every time. 

Get your Sweet Spot Tennis Simulator today!

What our customers say
Well made, quality product.
I have now had this for several years. I use it often to practice ground strokes. It is well made, of solid materials and has held up well. I recommend wholeheartedly.
— Jane B.
Saves my back and the time to collect practice balls. I can practice on my patio and even in the house. And as I said, no bending over to pick up balls off the ground.
— B.F.
Excellent tool! Easy to purchase, arrived on time. My kids and I like it. My 11 year old son assembled it himself easily with very little help at the end.
— Emil M.
My son like it. He needs to work with the eye coach for at least 10 minutes before his matches and now insists I carry it with us even for tournaments that needs travel!
— Arun
Needed just the replacement arm. Best price, product shipped quicker than advertised. Easy transaction, what more could you need! Highly recommend.
— Billy R.
Great service and a well built product! I am tennis coach and have been using the Eye coach myself. It really allows you to not only improve eye hand coordination, you can work on follow through and foot work as well.
— Mike I.