Billie Jean King Eye Coach

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The only tennis training simulator that increases power, topspin, accuracy, and consistency - all at once.

● 8 revolutionary sweet spot drills
● Progress 10x faster on court
● Trusted by pros and backed by science
● Comes with a FREE virtual lesson!



“Make your practice sessions, private/online lessons, clinics and time with ball machines or backboards practice more effective than ever!” - Matt B


We created a shortcut to the perfect swing

Combining our revolutionary sweet spot drills and the BJK Pro Swing Simulator. We can guarantee rapid progression in the skills that all players struggle with at some point in their career. 

● Skyrocket Power, Topspin, Accuracy and Consistency
● Rebuild hand-eye connection signals in the brain
● Hit the sweet spot perfectly every time
● Develop your on-court game 10x faster


Hitting the sweet spot isn't rocket science. We've made it achievable for everyone.

Quality sweet spot reps are hard to come by in traditional training methods. We've developed 8 game-changing drills that help you improve 10x faster. 

● No more partner error
● No more court reservation costs
● No more weather complications
● No more practicing mishits

Catapult your game while saving time and money on lessons, match play, ball machine and backboard sessions with the Pro Swing Simulator.