At the Texas Tennis Association’s Conference the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach was surrounded by tennis players from all walks of life, from beginners to coaches, they all wanted to know how they could increase hitting the Sweet Spot 40%!


Our President and Founder, Lenny Schloss was there with Grady MceKee, one of Eye Coach’s great ambassadors & Director of Tennis at Eldorado, to show just how to reduce errors and increase their winning percentage.The coaches left the booth ready to get back to their facilities and start increasing the Sweet Spot AND increase their revenues with the Eye Coach!


SMU and Techne Tennis

Lenny and Grady enjoyed sharing Point of Contact Training and Cardio Drills with Craig Smith, Linton Lewis, and their team of pros and one amateur player. After sharing the demo everyone joined in with great questions, but most importantly, Summer, the amateur said “I really feel the ball into the racket because my eyes are in the right spot now…I never knew I was looking up so soon!”


Techne Tennis & SMU

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach joined Carl Neufeld and John Eagleton. Carl is the coach at SMU and John is the founder of Techne Tennis.

As a team they had great success from both as the player responded to added power and footwork.

All were very interested how eye contact helped the game as well as the instant feel from Techne Tennis!