Are you looking for more power and control in your Tennis game?

It is important not to look up before the ball makes contact with your racquet while playing tennis because looking up prematurely can cause you to misjudge the ball’s trajectory, speed, and spin, leading to errors in your shot.

When a tennis ball is hit towards you, your eyes should remain focused on the ball until the moment it makes contact with your racquet. This is because the angle of your racquet face, the timing of your swing, and the direction of your shot are all influenced by the position of the ball as it approaches your racquet. If you take your eyes off the ball too soon, you may not hit the ball in the center of your racquet, which can result in a weak or erratic shot.

Another reason to keep your eyes on the ball is that it helps with timing and balance. By watching the ball all the way through contact with the racquet, you can anticipate its speed and spin and adjust your footwork and body positioning accordingly. This helps you maintain your balance and generate more power and control in your shots.

In summary, keeping your eyes on the ball until it makes contact with your racquet is crucial for accurate and consistent shots in tennis. By practicing this habit, you can improve your shot-making skills and take your game to the next level.

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