Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson pic

Owner of Grip N’ Rip Junior Tennis, Junior Tennis Director Newport Beach Tennis Club, Former Touring Professional, Former World Team Tennis Player.

“Our pros are always suggesting to practice on it while at home. Having the kids keep their eyes at Point of Contact is always a main focus of instruction. It is probably the single most important subject we as a staff impart to the kids.

The biggest impact and/or factor from the use of Eye Coach and focus on Point of Contact Training is the kid’s development and improvement. Because we all have committed to make this a focal point in our training we have seen vast improvement in their overall play. We have taken video footage of our students at beginning of after-school session and again at end of session. They are amazed at what they’ve seen and what an impact it has. Our more competitive juniors have seen the results not just in the video footage but in their results in tourneys. That to me reflects the benefits of the tool.”

-Craig Johnson