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We are excited to announce our new partnership with Kassirer Sports!

Kassirer Sports is run by Laura Bernstein-Kassirer, a former Wimbledon player. Their goal is to grow the game at the grassroots levels by running professional quality after school enrichment tennis classes on elementary and middle school playgrounds and to be a feeder into World Class local tennis programs. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is proud to have teamed up with Kassirer Sports to further our shared mission. Kassirer Sports currently have over 3500 kids a year playing in our classes and are growing about 30% each year.

Laura is always hiring good quality coaches who enjoy working with young kids at the grassroots level. Once they agree to hire a coach they will schedule school classes in their vicinity around their availability! Coaches will meet hundreds of new families in their community.

Their curriculum implements Eye Coach Point of Contact Training in each lesson and all coaches are required to be certified by Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. Sessions run during the school year, Fall, Winter and Spring.

To learn more about Kassirer Sports, please visit their website: www.kassirersports.com