Make hitting the Sweet Spot even more effective with the correct grip! Train with Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and the Start Rite Grip Trainer to perfect your tennis game.

The Start Rite Grip Trainer is a teaching and training must-have! Help yourself and your students get a feel for the continental and other grips in minutes.  Tennis lessons and training just got a whole lot more effective! Attaches to grip quickly and easily. Does not make grip size feel larger. Very durable!

What can the Start Rite Grip Trainer do for you?

Train the hand to use the continental grip.
Eliminate instructor frustration teaching the continental grip.
Hold the racquet properly by separating the index and middle finger.
Grip the racquet handle the proper height without choking-up.
Help adjust the forehand grip from full-western to semi-western.

What Start Rite Grip Users Say:


Got the Start Rite Grip Trainers a few days ago. They are awesome. I’ve been using them like crazy in almost every single lesson that I have. They have helped juniors keep their racket face closed, and they helped my top high school player to stop changing her grip in the middle of her serve motion. It blocks her hand from sliding from continental to eastern. They kick some serious butt and they are so easy to clip onto my basket and bring with me to every lesson.

Solid product.

Simple to use and made of quality materials.
Helpful in making grip adjustments. –Robert F.