On May 27th, 2015 Lenny Schloss traveled to East Hampton to meet with the team at EHIT


“Our EHIT staff had the pleasure of learning about the Eye Coach from Lenny Schloss last week. We were all very excited as Lenny showed us how we could use this tool in coaching our players about the importance of a solid contact point, as well as preventing our heads from shifting in order to achieve maximum balance and potential in each shot. With the Eye Coach, Lenny showed us a variety of drills that are simple to implement and can help slow down the process of learning for our students so that players of all levels can learn from it. EHIT is excited to add the Eye Coach to use as one of our teaching tools and also to help motivate our players to use this tool at home to help secure this concept into their muscle memory. In our vision to grow the sport of tennis, we have no doubt that the Eye Coach will be a great way to continue this at EHIT.” Brian Rubenstein, Davis Cup Co-Director/Teaching Professional

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