Lenny met with many industry leaders. He found that, like him, they are all concerned that what we’re doing in the Tennis Industry isn’t meeting the needs of today’s consumer. Some areas of the industry are experiencing dramatic reductions from the previous years. If we keep doing what we’ve been doing these are the types of numbers we will continue to see this and that will seriously impact our sport. For example, Kodak saw these high numbers and we all know what happened there. We need to disrupt the current state of the industry to improve it now.

The changes that should be made need to be on and off the court to better serve the tennis world. Craig Morris, the CEO of Community Tennis said, our sport needs to become more accessible. We as teachers, parents, coaches, and industry leaders need to work towards making tennis available when and where the student wants it. We need to deliver better results, faster.

Our sport hears the phrase, “I love Tennis, but…” too often. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is taking the “but” out of the phrase. The Eye Coach makes tennis accessible and promises better results faster. 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks is all it takes.

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