Top Seed Tennis Academy at
Calabasas Tennis and Swim

Calabasas, CA

The Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center is owned by the City of Calabasas where the tennis program and facility has been managed by Top Seed Tennis Academy for over 20 years.  Top Seed Tennis Academy has produced numerous champions who have gone on to college and pro tennis careers including a Pac 12 Women’s Singles & Doubles champion, a number of juniors, both male and female, who have attained world rankings including Sam Querrey.
Pictured above: Jeff Richards, Tournament Director and Events Coordinator at Top Seed
Lenny Schloss, CEO and Founder of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach
Mila Horak, Founder of Rising Stars Tennis
Mary Pat Faley, Tennis Pro at Calabasas Tennis Center 
On August 4th, 2015 Lenny visited the Top Seed Tennis Academy at Calabasas Tennis Center for a Point of Contact Training Session. 

“After seeing a presentation of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach at a USPTA convention, I purchased one for my personal teaching program.  After experiencing the benefits of the Eye Coach for my students and seeing the results on video and the improvement of my student’s games, I am convinced of the value of this teaching aid. In fact, the day after Lenny came to Calabasas for our training, I took the Eye Coach out on the court at summer camp. Without saying anything to the kids, and having it just sitting at the side of the court, one of the kids walked over and said, “what is this thing?” and started hitting on it, in just a few moments he was actually hitting it cleanly at the right timing interval. The other kids watched and then all wanted to try it for themselves. We actually had to stop what we had intended to work on that afternoon and allow the kids to take turns hitting on the Eye Coach.   We then ran the kids through several drills. The coaches present, as well as the kids, all agreed that it had helped them hit the ball better. Just in a few hits for each one of them they had all improved. Imagine what the Eye Coach Point of Contact Training is going to do when I start using it on a regular basis.  Already, we have had several of our Top Seed coaches ask if they can borrow it for their own students. I highly recommend the Eye Coach as a teaching aid for all levels of instruction.”
– Jeff Richards, Former WTT National League Director of the Year

Weil Tennis Academy

Ojai, CA

At Weil Tennis Academy, teachers & coaches, players and their families are all focused first on college preparation and college placement.  The goal for every student is to gain admission, study and play college tennis at the most prestigious universities in America.


Pictured, left to right:

Lenny Schloss
Mark Weil, Founder and Director of Weil Tennis Academy

Mohamed Badran, Head Coach Weil Tennis Academy
Ognyan Katsarov, Head Coach Weil Tennis Academy 
On August 5th 2015, Lenny visited the Weil Tennis Academy. While there, Lenny showed Mark and his team our new Point of Contact Training Drills.
“Coach Lenny Schloss brings passion and strong science to his coaching with POC training.  My head coaches and I were all impressed with how quickly the POC training could be absorbed by a player, then executed with precision after a short period of instruction / direction.  Anything that helps young players improve faster is a huge benefit and breakthrough for the sport, allowing our young players to enjoy their tennis faster and compete at a higher level!  Big Congratulations to Billie Jean King and Coach Lenny for developing the POC training and the Eye Coach, and more importantly thank you to both of them for generously sharing this wonderful coaching technique with us here at Weil Academy!”- Mark Weil, Founder and Director

Kassirer Sports

Woodland Hills, CA 

Kassirer Sports is run by Laura Bernstein-Kassirer, a former Wimbledon player.  Their goal is to grow the game at the grassroots levels by running professional quality after school enrichment tennis classes on elementary and middle school playgrounds and to be a feeder into World Class local tennis programs.


Pictured above, Laura Kassirer and Lenny Schloss with a few of Kassirer Sports coaches.
On August 5th 2015, Lenny visited Laura Kassirer and some coaches of Kassirer Sports.  All of Kassirer Sports coaches will be integrating Billie Jean King’s Point of Contact Training into their lessons.

“Well, I am definitely a believer in Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach.  I just ordered 50 and spent weeks rewriting all of our lesson plans so that the Eye Coach is integrated into every drill in our after school classes. I appreciated having Lenny come out to help train my La, Canada, La Crescenta and San Fernando Valley coaches on how to properly implement the Eye Coach at the grassroots level. We all learned a lot from Lenny and his passion and knowledge is evident. Each coach quickly realized the benefit of being able to teach technique with a still ball and how players only need to focus on point of contact with the moving Eye Coach ball. By separating out these equally important skills, the Eye Coach is the perfect training tool for any level player. My coaches are excited about The Eye Coach and how it will help them coach our after school enrichment classes, as well as their privates.  After this training, I flew to Northern Cal to conduct 3 more trainings in the South Bay and East Bay areas with 40 more coaches.  I have received an enthusiastic response during each training and several of my coaches have already started recommending them to their personal students. One coach said, he believes every tennis player should own one.  I am excited about moving forward with The Eye Coach Point of Contact Training and believe together we will definitely not only grow the game, but give each player the best tools possible to reach their full potential. Kassirer Sports is always adding classes and looking for good coaches to help grow the game. If you would like to get involved in our grassroots effort in your community, visit our website” – Laura Kassirer

Griffith Park

Los Angeles, CA

On August 6th, 2015, Lenny had a training session with several Los Angeles area tennis coaches.  He showed them our new Point of Contact Training Drills.

“The Eye Coach is a great tool for coaches and players alike.  I appreciated the authentic ‘feel’ of hitting an active tennis ball.  The drills, combining a simple counting system with point-of-contact timing, gives a solid, stable follow-thru to all basic tennis strokes.  Beginners can start learning great tennis habits with Eye Coach and seasoned players can un-learn bad habits quickly and efficiently.  I recommend the Eye Coach as a helpful, dynamic addition to any serious coach’s arsenal of teaching techniques.”
 Randy Johnson,