Ken DeHart, a part of the National Advisory Staff for Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and Point of Contact Training, will be speaking in Detroit at the 40th Annual Detroit Tennis Workshop this Thursday February 4th and Friday February 5th!

He will be using The Eye Coach when delivering
“50 Best Tennis Tips for Players, Coaches & Pros” and
“Defeating the Monsters in Your Mind”.

Ken is a big believer in Point of Contact Training. He is the Director of Tennis at AVAC in San Jose, California where he uses The Eye Coach as a key tool in his lessons!

“Players practice the important skills of when to swing and when to look up independently and then apply those skills to my drills immediately. The Eye Coach, my portable tennis partner, can go with me to practice courts, my home and even to my tournaments to help me get mentally ready to perform.”


Ken DeHart