Monthly Sweet Spot
Words on the Eye Coach
“I am a true believer after seeing how it worked on me! This really can change the game in many ways but mainly can allow the players to feel what they are supposed to feel and be able to own and control what they are doing. That is so important for their confidence and self-esteem! Along with making the game more fun for the players. As I mentioned to you, I see a HUGE benefit within the schools as it helps to control a large group of kids with only one teacher. This helps with the skills and the safety which will make the teachers more comfortable teaching tennis.”
-Delaine Mast
National Director of World Team Tennis Rec Leagues
Battle of the Sexes
The true story of the 1973 tennis match between World Number One Billie Jean King and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs.
Release Date: September 22 2017
Lenny Schloss and Leo Rosenberg
Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Founder and President, Lenny Schloss spent time with Leo Rosenberg, Director of High Performance at King’s Highway, sharing the benefits of Point of Contact Training! Leo’s philosophy is to “teach players to become problem solvers, to apply themselves, and train like each ball they hit matters.” Lenny had a great time with Leo and one of his players.
Words on the Eye Coach
“Wow, let Billie Jean King 👑 know I’m all in.  This eye coach trainer is Popping.  IT will revolutionize ten &under tennis to the next level.  I love that BJK will not stop growing the game for everyone in the world 🌎. “
-Precious Morgan, XSTENNIS 10 & under coach.