Keeping your eye on a tennis ball can be challenging.  Especially if a crowd is cheering or if your opponent is unpredictable and uses a lot of elevated techniques with each return. Tennis training equipment that is designed to improve concentration can help you block out distractions and be prepared for various ball movements.

A Spinshot Machine

A spinshot machine is more advanced than a standard ball dispenser. Many tennis pros put a spin on a ball, which results in a ball moving at an elevated height. A spinshot machine will independently control the spin and speed of a ball and the angle at which a ball is dispensed.

You may have gotten comfortable with hitting a ball against a wall and using the same exact rhythm with each practice session. Using a spinshot machine is a challenging alternative that will keep you moving during each practice round.

Adjust the dispenser’s rate, to accommodate the number of balls that you want to be released within a specific timeframe. Set up the machine with the dispenser aimed toward your side of the court. After activating the equipment, move to your side of the court and wait for each ball to be released. Keep track of how many returns you are able to complete. Make adjustments to the machine’s settings if you would like to make each practice round more challenging or easier.

Cones And Rings

A numbered cone and ring set will aid in executing targeted returns and maintaining the proper stance. Some trainers use rings to help their pupils learn where their feet should remain during a match. With the addition of numbered cones, you can keep your feet in the proper position and attempt to hit a ball at a particular angle so that it lands near the desired cone.

For this training exercise, it is best to work with an instructor or a fellow tennis player who has plenty of experience. Receive assistance with lining the rings up along the court’s surface. Place one foot in each ring that makes up a pair of footholds. Pay attention to your opponent and listen to their instructions. The other player will announce which numbered cone you should aim toward.

Follow the instructions, to succeed in landing a ball next to the cone that has been identified. If the other player instructs you to move your feet to another set of rings, do so, without averting your attention from your competitor. Continue to aim for each cone that has been identified and move your feet to another set of rings when directed to.

For more information or ideas for tennis training equipment, reach out to a local sporting goods store.