With the US Open in full flow, Billie Jean King and Lenny Schloss, President of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, met to discuss the future of tennis and make plans for the direction of The Eye Coach. With 39 Grand Slam titles, Billie Jean is perfectly placed to give advice about how tennis can move forward.  Perhaps her greatest words of advice are that “the sweet spot matters”!

One of the keys to Billie Jean King’s game was a complete focus on the ball. For most people this is not a natural instinct and must be trained. The Eye Coach allows players to develop the best point of contact skills. This enables them to become the best athletes they can be at contact. This is Billie Jean’s gift to tennis. She is passionate about everyone having the opportunity to experience the thrill of hitting the sweet spot.

Billie Jean King and Lenny had a chance to share recent experiences of their extensive travels and to reflect on the successes of the Eye Coach. They also discussed plans for the future. These exciting plans for the company reflect their passion and excitement about the opportunities tennis has.  Check out the video below.

Of course it is important to have fun during significant meetings and they also had the chance to hit on the Eye Coach and we look forward to bringing you a video with some tips for your own game very soon!

If you would like to learn more about Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and how it allows you to practice your Tennis from your own home please visit: Practice 17 Shots at Home!

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