Words From Billie Jean King

“The Eye Coach is a revolutionary product. Just 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks will change your game forever.” 

Billie Jean King, 39-Time Grand Slam Champion

I love tennis — just as you do, and I love helping others get the same satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment it gives me. Everyone wants to improve their game, which is why my partner, Lenny Schloss, developed the Eye Coach.

The Eye Coach closes a significant gap in traditional methods of learning tennis.  Until now there was no easy way to consistently learn how to keep your head still and your eye on the ball.  Now there is.  Eye Coach ball-striking training is the solution to tennis’ biggest problem.

And when you use the Eye Coach, your whole game improves.  It’s like magic but is really the result of years of working with top neurological, bio-mechanical and motor learning experts.

The results are both extraordinary and fast.  Just do your ‘homework’ for 5 minutes a day, and the results will follow!  That’s why we are helping players in 46 different countries. It is inspiring to watch players of all walks of life make dramatic improvements in their play.  Through this we are proud to play a part in helping so many be the best they can be on the tennis court.