Why We Exist

We see a new era for tennis. A time where people of any age or ability learn tennis faster and enjoy it more than ever.

Everyone has heard the instruction “keep your eyes on the ball” many times. Ask yourself, “why doesn’t this work?” We know that it can’t be solved with standard training. So we innovated.

It all has to do with the last 3 feet before the racquet and the ball make contact. During this micro-second your eyes (mind) are trying to do two things at once…focus on the ball and see where the ball is going. This fails nearly every time and causes mishits.

Our tennis training stops your head from shifting. This allows you to focus on the ball perfectly at the point of contact. That’s right, we train your brain to accomplish perfect contact. When this occurs, the difficulty in learning and improving in tennis is cut in half. (Yep, we can prove that.)

The importance of this correction cannot be underestimated.  It improves every part of your game. That’s why we say it’s “the fastest way to better tennis”.

Admittedly, this sounds like an overstatement. There’s a reason why it isn’t. 80% of tennis skills require proper contact and balance. When that doesn’t happen, we mishit and become frustrated and stressed out. This alone blocks our best strokes and slows our rate of improvement.

So here’s what we did. First, we developed the product, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. Then we scientifically improved it further through studies involving coaches, players of all levels, sports training experts, statisticians, and motor learning experts. Thousands participated in 500,000 hours of study both on-court and at-home. The statistical results were universally successful in improving your game.

The clear fact is, using the Eye Coach for only short periods of time creates instinctive and self-correcting play, plus an upturn in your confidence. That means having more fun.