Sweet Spot Trainer

2 for 1 Benefit Guarantee:  Using the Sweet Spot Trainer and the Eye Coach is the perfect combination to improve ball striking skills for almost any stroke.  Practice 5 minutes using this combination and then 5 minutes on live balls and you will get twice as many quality reps in half the time.  You will also strengthen your rhythm and quiet your mind all at the same time!

The best players have the best ball striking skills. Whether you call it the Point of Contact, Sweet Spot or Center of Percussion doesn’t matter. Just know that most recreational players hit OFF-CENTER most of the time. Even at higher levels of play, off-center hits are the cause of the majority of errors. Of course, it is true that player movement and balance contribute to this problem, along with “head shifting” in the middle of the swing. Yes, balance and a steady head help players become good, and good players become better! But, it is not so easy to feel slightly off-center hits.

This is the purpose of the Sweet Spot Trainer — “The first live-ball training aid that tells you when you hit off-center!”

Great for coaches AND players!

How to use it:

  1. Slide it over any racquet in under 5 seconds and secure with Velcro.
  2. Use it as a warm-up aid since it has slightly more resistance than your regular racquet.
  3. Then start practicing against a backboard, with a ball machine, or with a real partner. You can even play a whole practice match!
  4. Alternatively, use the Sweet Spot Trainer for just 10 hits to draw your focus to the Point of Contact (POC) and then remove it and try to maintain the same focus.
  5. You will FEEL off center hits as the ball will deflect off the “Sweet Spot Boundary Circle.”

Racquet not included. 


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