Power Resist System

2 for 1 Benefit Guarantee:  Using the Power Resist System and the Eye Coach at the same time is the perfect combination to strengthen your footwork, rhythm and timing all at the same time.  You will quiet your mind and get twice as many quality reps in half the time.

The Power Resist System trains players to become better athletes through overspeed training. The system is specially designed to allow athletes to freely change directions. In addition, the Power Resist System easily attaches to any fence for solo workouts. Available in 2 levels of resistance, the unstretched length is 9 feet. Each system includes a fully adjustable belt and very durable 9′ resistance band with all attachments.

  1. Inspect tubing and attachments for cracks, tears, and other signs of damage prior to each use. DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED – REPLACE IMMEDIATELY.
  2. DO NOT stretch the tubing more than 2 times its unstretched length. Excessive stretching may exceed the elastic limit of the tubing and cause it to snap or tear.
  4. NEVER release the tubing when it is under tension.
  5. The tube is 8 feet with tubing that stretches three times its length, so the safety cord is 24 feet.
  6. Be sure that the holder and the player practice using this device in slow motion so that everyone is on balance to avoid risk of injury
  7. NZ MFG LLC and Oncourt Offcourt LTD assume no liability for accidents or damage that may occur with the use of this resistance training product.

NOTE: To protect vital organs, wear the belt around the hips and not the waist.

Recommended age 10+

WARNING: Be sure to follow the safety precautions during use and use only as exercise equipment and for no other purpose.

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