Perfect Pitch Rebounder

2 for 1 Benefit Guarantee:  This 10 minute combination workout is perfect for anyone’s game.  Practice 5 minutes using the Eye Coach and 5 minutes on the Perfect Pitch Rebounder and then go play!  You will also strengthen the feel of almost any stroke and get twice as many quality reps in half the time.

The Perfect Pitch Rebounder is the perfect solution to practice at home in your driveway or basement for fast improvement! The Perfect Pitch Rebounder is the most versatile rebounder in the world. It allows 1.6 seconds between shots, forcing players to prepare faster! The result? Faster improvement makes it easier to compete against hard-hitters. We call this automatic learning.


  • Sets up in 10 minutes. No tools needed.
  • Ball rebounds off top to create realistic arc and bounce.
  • Use at home, club, or school; indoors or outdoors.
  • Locking wheels make it easy to roll in and out of storage.
  • Use for tennis, pickleball, and many other ball sports.
  • Works great for most racquet sports: tennis, pickleball, squash, racquetball, paddle tennis, etc.
  • Patent pending.



Beginning Players

The square Entry Level Adapter (free, included) is optional for less advanced players. Added to the top bar, balls will rebound downwards and roll off the bottom of the tarp. It creates the least amount of rebound possible and gives the hitter more time to prepare.

Intermediate Players

Balls rebound off top to create realistic arc and bounce. The Perfect Pitch Rebounder allows 1.5 seconds between shots, forcing players to prepare faster! The result? Faster preparation will make it easier to compete against hard hitters.

Advanced Players

The round Power Absorbing Foam Tube (PAFT) is designed for harder hitters (featured below under “product videos”). Yes, they can use the Rebounder without it, but the PAFT (free, included) allows them to use it in a smaller area. Using the PAFT also shortens the time between shots, helping players speed up their racquet preparation even more!

Product Care Note: Our Rebounders are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. However, please do not leave this product outside for extended periods. We suggest that you store this product indoors and not expose to wet or extreme outside elements. Although most Rebounders are rust resistant, they are not rust proof. We cannot warranty products that are left outside for extended periods.

Important:  This patent-pending rebounder is a little more challenging than other rebounders for reasons explained in the videos linked to this webpage. However, your game will improve MORE quickly with the Perfect Pitch Rebounder. Players frequently tell us that watching the videos and understanding how the rebounder functions helped them feel successful within 5-10 minutes of use. Be patient and the rewards are GREAT!

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