Flex Trainer

2 for 1 Work Out Benefit Guarantee: Strengthen your lower body footwork, fitness, rhythm and how to quiet the mind at contact in same Ball Striking System work out!  With this Flex Trainer and Eye Coach workout, you will get twice as many quality reps in half the time…on OR off court!

The Flex Trainer is an essential tool to help players of all ages and abilities improve balance and movement skills. Each unit includes six bands allowing it to adjust to three different resistance levels. They gently pull players into a lower playing height (with knees slightly bent). Since efficient movement in tennis is the key to better play, and lower playing height is the key to more efficient movement, the Flex Trainer is a “must have” training tool. The Flex Trainer is designed to give athletes a feel for playing height while enhancing their fitness regimen. Sports performance that can benefit from using the Flex Trainer include: Football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and many more.

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