Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach


“The Eye Coach is a breakthrough ball-striking device that’s perfect for at-home and on-court use.”

– Florian Meier, Owner of Online Tennis Instruction



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Improve Feel Good Sweet Spot Solid hits in 5 hours or less

Our Exclusive 17 Shot Sweet Spot Feel-Good Hits System replaces frustrating stress causing  mishits in the brain with 5000 solid feel good hits for that stroke.  Our system trains your brain to automatically self-correct when mishits occur, just like the pros.  Saves you time and money.  Less repeat lessons.  More time learning more.


What is a “Feel-Good Sweet Spot Hit?” 

It is the area on the strings that has the most powerful accurate effective contact with the ball.  Power, accuracy, topspin, underspin, height, depth, focus, and self-confidence are all 100% dependent on where the ball lands on the string surface.  That is what we do.


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What model is right for you?

The Eye Coach Pro is designed for players of any ability level.   Junior Models is for players shorter than 4’2”.



Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 5 in