Eye Coach Pro

Don’t let Coronavirus or anything keep you from practicing and improving your tennis game.

You only need 10 feet of space and 5 minutes a day.

Practice 30 different shots, including topspin and underspin.

  • Simulated ball-striking reps
  • Near perfect transfer of skills to the court
  • 5 minutes = 60 minutes on court
  • Practice on your own or as a family
  • Achieve perfect contact
  • Consistently hit the Sweet Spot

Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Training Equipment

The Eye Coach is a revolutionary Ball-Striking Training System.   It trains your mind (eye) and body to work as one by eliminating the distraction of watching the “ball fly away”.

Practice At-Home or On-Court

Totally portable.  30+ Ball-Striking skills.  Warming up.  Cardio drills. 5000 solid Eye Coach hits create creates instinctive play.

What model is right for you?

The Eye Coach Pro is designed for players of any ability level.   Start by hitting at ½ speed until you are consistently hitting the Eye Coach correctly.   Junior Models is for players shorter than 4’2”.

Replacement Parts

As with any product, the parts on your Eye Coach units will eventually wear out with extended use. When this occurs, please order your replacement parts here.

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