Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro

“Make your practice sessions, private/online lessons, clinics and time with ball machines or backboards practice more effective than ever!”

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“I have been playing for a few years and I find the Eye Coach the best training tool I have…”

      Matt B.

Fully Guaranteed

A Few Benefits You Get with The Portable Eye Coach

  • Perfect for all ages and level of play
  • Practice anywhere - portable and only needs 10 ft. of space
  • Practice tennis anytime - all you need is 5 minutes a day
  • Retrain your brain to focus correctly at the point of contact
  • Rapidly increase your Sweet Spot hits by over 40%
  • Gain accurate timing and skill to hit topspin and underspin
  • Remove visual distractions while training
  • All skills practiced transfer to on-court play
  • Greatly improve balance, power, and accuracy
  • Play together - great at-home fun for kids and the family
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Introducing our 15 Grand Slam-Winning Off-court Drills combined with game-changing Billie Jean King's Eye Coach.

    Our revolutionary off-court training system is like a flight simulator for pilots. It is the first and only system that simulates on-court timing and rhythm for the brain, boosting muscle memory for on-court performance.

    Accelerate your on-court improvement 10x faster. Our meticulously crafted drills are designed to enhance every facet of your game in just 10 minutes a day at home. Designed for tennis players of all ages and abilities. Backed by *Billie Jean King's 100% 12-month Guarantee for On-Court Improvement.


  • kb-maleka-min

    “Unique, easy to use, great for ball-striking for almost all shots and spins.”

    -KB Maleka

  • lea-k

    "For me there is joy in improvement and winning. The Eye Coach has been key to that.”

    -Lea K