Contact Doctor

Challenge: I need a training aid to help me hit more cleanly.

Solution: The Contact Doctor is a training aid for tennis designed to help all levels of tennis players improve several areas of their game, by placing the emphasis of practice on the point of contact between the racquet face and the ball. It can be equally beneficial to use for serves, volleys, groundstrokes and all other shots in tennis. Start slow at first, but then speed up to test and improve your skill of consistent contact in the center of the strings. As a result, you will catch the ball in the center net that is 5 1/2 inches in diameter. Use with any unstrung racquet.

  • A partner or ball machine feeds the balls.
  • Test your ability to make contact.
  • Practice your strokes at full speed.

POC Review: Removing distraction of ball flying away increases the feel of your eye at the POC for 1/10th of a second after the ball leaves.

When using The Eye Coach and Contact Doctor together, you will further increase the feel of the Point of Contact.

This is a perfect combination for strengthening focus at POC.

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