Catching Racquet

2 for 1 Benefit Guarantee:  Using the Catching Racquet and the Eye Coach in the same workout is the perfect combination to improve keeping your eye on the ball.  Practice 5 minutes using this combination and then 5 minutes on live balls and you will get twice as many quality reps in half the time.  You will also strengthen your rhythm and quiet your mind all at the same time!

The Catching Racquet helps beginners focus on their volley and serve. Have players use for serving motion practice! Toss like a real serve, extend, and catch the ball in the strings. It takes the mind of the server off the ball and whether it is going over the net and helps them develop a smoother service motion. For a little extra challenge and to improve tossing accuracy, have the server practice with their eyes closed! Use with young juniors to pick up balls. The parents will love you when they stop stretching out their T-shirts!

The Catching Racquet is 23” long and holds up to 20 balls.

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