Backswing Solution

2 for 1 Benefit Guarantee:  Using the Backswing Solution and the Eye Coach in the same workout is the perfect combination to improve your back swing.  Practice 5 minutes using this combination and then 5 minutes on live balls and you will get twice as many quality reps in half the time.  You will also strengthen your rhythm and quiet your mind all at the same time!

Product Description:

With the Backswing Solution™ you are capable of performing different exercises with the use of the stick. This is helpful in synchronizing the loop and the right and left hands when executing different strokes.

READY POSITION Acquiring the right technique for the ready position will give you a strong foundation for learning volleys and groundstrokes faster and more efficiently.

VOLLEY By keeping your elbows out in front, the Backswing Solution™ prevents you from taking too big of a back swing on your volleys.

GROUNDSTROKES Through converse wear of the Backswing Solution™ you can avoid bending your wrists in an overly big angle and putting too much stress on them. Plus, this helps give you a kinesthetic feeling for executing powerful and fluid groundstrokes.

RETURN OF SERVE We often hear from great coaches that you have control of the return of serve with your legs, not your hands. Because the Backswing Solution™ trains you to have a compact backswing, it also helps give you the feeling of using your legs and hitting from a position of strength and balance on your return.

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