Ace Attack Ball Machine

Sports Attack began engineering and manufacturing its patented ball-throwing machines for multiple sports in 1995. Today, these machines are used by leading professional teams and top universities that read like a “Who’s Who” of sports. The Ace Attack tennis model has been time-tested in the field for nearly 2 decades.

Challenge:  The serve return is the most often hit shot in tennis after the serve; however, it is also the most under-practiced shot. So why isn’t there a single ball machine that can serve balls to help people practice their serve return?

SolutionFinally there is! The Ace Attack is the ONLY all-in-one serving machine in tennis!

Features of the Ace Attack Ball Machine

Transparent poly-carbonate ball basket shows when basket is almost empty.

Flashing feed indicator trains player focus, split step, and ball response!

Feeds serves and groundstrokes at adjustable heights with 3 drill pattern options: random, 3-ball, and 4-ball.

Unique 3-wheel design feeds right- or left-handed flat, slice, or kick serves as well as specialty shots that include inside-out slice backhands and side-spinning squash shots.

Feeds serves or groundstrokes up to 110mph.

Variable width 2-line and 3-line; plus 1-line and random.

Powder-coating with polyester paint keeps machine rust-free.

New improved control panel is simple to use!

Half the price of competing machines. Includes remote control.

POC Review: The Ace Attack is the perfect ball machine to develop POC Training.  Using the “Hit on 3” system, only say “3” at the precise moment the ball is on the strings.  Remember: “1” – Scan, reflexes engaged.  “2” – Track, footwork engaged. “3” – Focus, Stroke and balance at contact engaged.

Also, the return of serve is one of the most difficult shots to time and the Ace Attack ball machine provides the ideal partner to develop the POC timing skills needed to get the next level.

Use the Eye Coach as a 2 minute warm up and intermix if the miss hits come back.

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