How Do You Feel
After Training with
the Eye Coach?

You will notice a change. It doesn’t take long. Initially the feeling is simply that your hits on an Eye Coach are more solid. You feel it and hear it.

But that is only the start. After a short time you’ll begin to stop over-thinking and start trusting your training more. There’s a quieting of the mind. This reduces the stress that causes unnecessary mishits.

We talk about the 30 different skills, which is important. But what we really love is watching players trust themselves more. Mental blocks are removed. You truly feel younger, lighter, and stronger. You anticipate faster and have less trouble getting to the ball. And if you take lessons from a coach, your training will stay with you longer.

As your mind calms you have less anxiety. That’s the real goal…to allow you to have more fun on the court.

For years, we’ve watched the emotions when players react more confidently and instinctively when they train on an Eye Coach. Just like the pros. They become inspired.