Eldorado Tennis

A story from Grady McKee, Director of Tennis Eldorado Country Club, Dallas Professional Tennis Association Treasury Representative

The Billie Jean King Eye Coach system is one of the greatest assets for our program and we will never look back! Hands down the best thing we did for our students, our instructors, the Corporation, and even the Director’s Stress levels!


Much like quality professors in college, quality teachers in our schools, even quality artists all need one thing that separates the people who truly succeed… HOMEWORK.  So, greatness is within virtually any person’s grasp, so long as they can put in the time to master their skill of choice.

Players want to succeed and they may not have the hours to commit. 

Students may also be getting less than quality reps with the ball in motion…therefore we introduced Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach System.

This SYSTEM (yes, it is more than a ball on a tee) helps to develop the strokes needed to be successful by eliminating completely or partially the ball variances for the student. It allows the student to focus their attention on the feeling of proper swings rather than the infinity of different stimulus regarding recognition skills of a ball in flight.

Think of it like a speed bag in boxing…the timing and repetition is specific to the spot rather than you adjusting as an athlete. You have to make your skills fit the rhythm of the tool. This also allows players the freedom to work on great mechanics without fear of missing in a short amount of time. This has dramatically increased our ability as pros to develop players to their max potential faster and with far less verbal overload.

Don’t get me wrong – The Eye Coach doesn’t fix everything… but if you have good coaches to supervise the program, it will make you more money, make your job easier, and create an atmosphere of winning at all levels…IF THEY COMMIT.

We have plenty of players who do not and they are passed up by their peers, but the great thing about it is they CAN NOT BLAME THE COACHES if they EYE COACH…they achieve the success they are striving for.

One last thing – Eldorado Tennis has seen 90% retention rate in Beginner programs!  That’s a lot of new players that become repeat customers, members, and winners! They won’t be going anywhere else because they know they have had great success with TEAM ELDORADO and Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach!”

-Grady McKee

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