Coaching Without Limits

The Eye Coach Will Help Expand Your Business

Coach Without Limits

Never be limited by weather or court availability.
You can now coach anywhere, anytime.

Expand Your Coaching

With an Eye Coach and smart phone or laptop, you can now teach remotely with great results. In fact we guarantee it.

Expand Practice

A lesson is only as good as the practice.
The Eye Coach gives your student total practice flexibility. And you get greater surety of success.

The Last Three Feet

The Eye Coach is a ball-striking device. Your student learns to focus on the last three feet before contact. This emphasis eliminates distractions and produces up to 7x more solid hits. A breakthrough for you and them.

You are not limited by what to teach. Our skills library shares 30 Ball-Striking skills that can be taught. You will expand this however you desire. And best of all, there is near perfect skill transfer to the court.

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Coaching Without Limits program.

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