About The Eye Coach

The fastest way to better tennis

We see a new era on the tennis horizon.  A time where people learn tennis faster and enjoy tennis more than ever.  At any age.

We spotted a serious problem in tennis training. There was a gap that wasn’t being filled by historic ways of training. Tennis needed innovation. That’s where we came into the picture.

The brain needs to be conditioned to do things consistently and to self-correct. When this occurs, the difficulty in learning and improving in any sport is cut in half. (Yep, we can prove that.)

We accomplished this shift through ball-striking training which trains the head (eyes) to no longer shift during the crucial last micro-second of any shot.

The magnitude of this correction cannot be underestimated.  It improves the entire kinetic chain, which means that every part of our game is enhanced. That’s why we say it’s “the fastest way to better tennis”.

Admittedly, this sounds a bit egotistical. However, there is a reason why it isn’t. 80% of the information we need to play tennis is dependent on our visual system receiving properly timed feedback. Most mistakes are the result this not happening – the eye shifts from the ball too soon. This shift causes stress in the brain and our weight to transfer improperly, which blocks the flow of the stroke and slows the rate of improvement.

So here’s what did. First, we developed the product. Then we perfected it further through studies involving coaches, players of all levels, sports training experts, statisticians, and motor learning experts. Thousands participated in 500,000 hours of study both on-court and at-home. The statistical results even overwhelmed us.

The clear fact is, using the Eye Coach for only short periods of time creates instinctive movements, an upturn in your confidence, and you win more points.

Beautiful female tennis player serving outdoor and a closeup of the serve from above